12 tips to soothe teething baby teething remedies

12 Tips to Soothe Your Teething Baby

You have feed your baby and changed him. But he is still crying. You sing his favorite songs and play peek a boo with him, but he is not having it. He is drooling everywhere and hasn’t slept well the past few days. What is wrong with my baby” you ask your self.

You notice two little bumps on his gums and he is quiet when he is chewing on your shirt.

That’s it! He is teething!

Fussy, teething babies are no fun. Good news is I have several tips to help you soothe your baby and keep the tears away.

tips to soothe your teething baby dr toni dds Jacksonville dentist

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1. Massage your baby’s gums.

Make sure that you wash your hand first. Initially, your baby may be resistant to you putting your finger in their mouth. Once you get in, use gentle pressure to rub your baby’s gums and the resistance will subside.

This was my husband’s go to method for my youngest son. I remember walking into the room with them both sitting on the couch watching tv and my husband massaging away.

I will be honest. At first, I thought it was a bit odd, but if it works … hey, I am not going to stop him.

Try this next time to see if your little gets some relief.

2. Give your baby something to chew on.

Babies will naturally start chewing on your shirt or anything he can pick up and put things in their mouth. Giving your baby a wash cloth or baby teether will help ensure your baby is chewing something safe and non-toxic.

3. Teethers


You can find all types and varieties of baby teethers at your local grocery store or Amazon. The different textures act like a massage for your baby’s irritated gums. Honestly, this helped with my first son, but the youngest thought they were toys to throw. Don’t be discouraged if your little one doesn’t use a teether.

Other chewing options (under supervision) include:
4. A rubber utensil (like a measuring spoon)
5. A rubber toy (like a rubber duckie)
6. Wash cloth or pacifier
7. Soft toothbrush

Also, letting your baby chew something cold can give some relief.

8. Try putting cold water on the wash cloth.
9. Frozen fruit slices
10. Cold binky or pacifier

Remember, these suggestions are with adult supervision.


11. Teething jewelry

There are some fun necklaces that are specially designed for your baby to chew on. I thought this was pretty clever to have something stylish and functional.

I know there were many times that my necklace became something to chew on.  With the teething jewelry you baby will have something safe to chew on and get relief

12. Try homeopathic products.

I will be honest. I used Hyland’s Teething Tablets with my oldest son and it helped tremendously. Now, I do not recommend this product as a professional anymore because of the product being linked to several deaths. Yes, hun. I was looking at the headlines like “what?!”

Apparently, the belladonna in the product is a plant that has been since the ancient years to dilate your eyes reduce muscle spasms and regulate heart rate among many other things. The problems are there were varying amounts of belladonna in the products and at times a toxic amount that leads to convulsions, seizures, and death.

I hate to talk about these kinds of things, but I have to be real with you and give you all of the information. The FDA put out a warning and the company has since done a recall.

Now moms of babies that were born before January of 2017 please do not go beating yourself up about giving this to your child like I did. You know better now and know that there are other safe alternatives.

Oral Assist

Oral Assist is an FDA registered homeopathic medication that will give your baby’s gums some relief. I have not personally used this product, but I have received lots of positive feedback. The good news is you can use this if you develop a toothache.

Another product I have receive lots of positive feedback is Camilla.  This product helps relieve teething discomfort so that your little one can be that happy baby you once knew.

My take on Baby Orajel

I do not recommend using the baby Orajel and other products with benzocaine because your baby is salivating so much, the product will be washed about with spit a few second after putting it on.

Mommy, remember that teething is a natural process. It may be an annoying natural process. 🙂 Know that this will not last long.

If got a simple check list for you to remind you when the fussiness causes a little amnesia.

This exciting. Your baby is getting new teeth. Soon you will be caring for these little teeth.

You’ve got this! Share with me your wins on calming your teething baby.

With lots of love,
Dr Toni


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  3. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms

    That banana teether saved us more than once! We routinely use frozen pacifiers too, and mesh feeders with frozen fruit. They help a lot!

    1. That is awesome! The mesh feeders are great. Thanks for reminding me because I forgot about those. 🙂

  4. Julz

    Ah I remember the teething days – these poor babas they are in so much pain. You have so great tips to help them get through it. In France we have a little Giraffe called ‘Sophie’ and she is the best ever, look her up! All babies love her.

    1. Thanks! I think I may have seen Sophie on tv and thought it looked interesting. I will definitely take a look and learn more about Sophie. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rachel

    We were big fans of teething tablets. I don’t know what they did exactly but they definitely seemed to sooth our teething babies.

    1. ME TOO! I was looking for them when I had my second son. Then I learned about the recall and I had to get creative. Those teething tablets were like magic for my oldest son.

  6. Jenn

    My son is going through this right now. We definitely use a lot of these !

  7. Hailey

    Great tips! My son has been teething constantly for months and it can be hard! But you are right, it’s a natural process!

    1. Thanks! I know it can be hard when it seems like it has been going on for a long time. It will definitely get better. The fun part is when the teeth come in and they are able to eat everything that you eat. 🙂

  8. Corinne

    We loved hyland ‘s teething tablets too! I’m sad that isn’t an option anymore, especially with my little ones molars coming in right now, but there are so many other options!

    1. Me too!! I honestly don’t remember having much trouble with my first son teething because it worked so well. Yes, there are definitely other options that work just as well. 🙂

  9. Meg

    I have had one cranky little teether these days! Someone bought her a munchie mit, it’s like a little glove she can wear and chew on. You should check it out!

    1. Meg thanks for the recommendation! I will update this post with the munchie mit as an option as well. Thanks again!

  10. joslynn wassing

    This is such an awesome list! My son just got six teeth all at once ! It was a nightmare! The only thing that seemed to give him any relief was a cold wash cloth!

    1. Thanks Joslynn! I know it is no fun when all the teeth come in at once. I am glad he was able to get some relief.

  11. Becca

    These are great tips! I’m not sure if this is in the Oral Assist, but I have used Clove essential oil with great results too!

    1. Thanks! I haven’t tried or looked into any of the essential oils, but I have heard great things. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely look into it.

  12. Jiya B

    Wow these are some amazing tips here. Trust me we moms cant see our kids crying all the time because of teething issues. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks! I know it breaks my heart when they get so fussy and don’t get any relief. Hopefully, moms will find at least one of the tips provides some relief.

  13. Jalisa

    I wish I had this when my son was teething. He started when he was 3 months but didn’t cut his first tooth until 11 months.

    1. Me too!! The teething process is the one thing (other than potty training) that I do not want to have to relive.

  14. Ana

    Teething is so hard on little ones. Our daughter cut 4 teeth at a time and it was really hard to find something that helped her. Wish I had known about some of these!

    1. It is! It is especially hard when there are multiple teeth coming in at one time. The good thing is you and your daughter made it through the teething process. 🙂

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