Got a chipped tooth? Don't fret! I am going to walk you through two ways your dentist can fix your chipped tooth.

2 Ways a Chipped Front Tooth Can Be Fixed

You have always been the one to get compliments on your smile. Not really sure why, but you decided to use your teeth to open one the package of one of your kid’s toys and it happened …you chipped your front tooth.

You think it’s not that bad it’s just calm down and see how bad it is. Then you look in the mirror and you see it. It is so big! Now you are freaking out. What should you do? First off, everything is going to be just fine. Let me walk you through some things that you can do with your Dentist to fix your tooth chipped front tooth.

Got a chipped tooth? Don't fret! I am going to walk you through two ways your dentist can fix your chipped tooth.

Depending on how big the chip is and if the two if it’s causing you problems will determine what would be the best option for you. You want to make sure that you see your dentist as soon as possible to have an exam and x-ray done to go over these options.


The first option is to do bonding. Bonding is when your dentist uses a tooth-colored filling material to fill in the spot where the chip is and make your tooth look back to normal. Depending on how big the chip is on your tooth, your dentist may have to get you numb. I know. You don’t like needles, but you want to make sure that you are comfortable during the procedure. Your Dentist will go through a series of steps to apply the bonding material to your teeth and make sure that it blends in so that it is seamless.

Caution with bonding

Something you should know about bonding:

If you decide to whiten your teeth later you cannot change the color of the bonding. So your teeth will be whiter, but the filling that was placed on there will remain the same color.

The bonding is more of a temporary fix but can be long-term depending on how you keep up with it. You have to remember not to bite into anything. For instance, you don’t want to bite into an apple because the bonding is fragile and can pop off and would require you to go back to the dentist and have a bonding done all over again.  Also, don’t try to open anything with your teeth, like a bag or a new toy for your child.


Another option for fixing a chipped tooth is veneers. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that goes over the front of your tooth.  The veneers are similar to how you would apply press on nails. The press on nails goes on top of your natural nails. The veneer is the same way. The beauty of veneers is you can really enhance your smile by making your teeth whiter, change in the shape and size of your teeth so that you can have the smile you always wanted. This is definitely something that is going to be pricey, but the results are amazing.

Make sure that you see a dentist that has experience and cosmetic dentistry.  I definitely want to make sure that you are able to talk to the dentist before we starting the procedure to let them know what your expectations are (and what the dentist can realistically do for you)  so that you will not be disappointed when you see the final product. Communication with your dentist is key because you want to make sure that your dentist knows what your vision is so that he/she can give you the smile you dreamed of.

Process of veneers

Typically it is two appointments (maybe even three) to complete the process and walk out with your new smile. The day that you dentist prepares your teeth for the veneers you will leave with temporary veneers on. So make sure that you take it easy and don’t bite into anything. Usually, between 2 to 4 weeks you will have the temporary veneers and then return back to the dentist to have the veneers placed. Before the dentist cements the veneers into place, make sure you look at them and confirm you really like them.  Once they are on, they are on.  The only way to change anything is to take the veneers off and start the process all over again.

I few things to know about your veneers.  You want to make sure that you treat your veneers like your natural teeth.  Make sure to brush and floss as you normally would.  The same goes for the bonding.

Don’t you worry.  There are ways to fix your chipped tooth and get your smile and confidence back.

With lots of love,

Dr Toni


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