bad breath how to improve your breath

Bad Breath Stinks! How to Improve Your Breath!

Does your breath smell? Do people complain about your breath being funky? Maybe you’ve noticed your breath hasn’t been so fresh lately.

Today things change. Your breath doesn’t have to be so smelly.

bad breath stinks! what causes bad breath and how to prevent it.

I have been known in the dental office to not notice smells. There was one day in particular when I knew my nose was working exceptionally well. A patient of mine had walked down the hallway and the entire hallway smelled! I am not lying!

Several of the ladies I worked with noticed the bad smell and it wasn’t from the patient’s clothes or just having bad BO. It was his breath! Yes! His breath.

This doesn’t have to be you nor your fate. Bad breath can be caused by several different things and are indicators that something may be off not only in your mouth but with your overall health. God news is your breath can be fresh and not smelly.

A dirty tongue

I majority of the time bad breath is attributed to a dirty tongue. I know you are scratching your head thinking, “really?”

Yes. I have seen so many people with relatively good oral hygiene with bad breath. It is not because they had something stuck in their teeth. It was just stuff on their tongue.

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The easiest thing that you can do is brush your tongue after you brush your teeth. You would be surprised when you stick out your tongue and see that your tongue has a white film or stained from the foods you have eaten. Over time this stuff on your tongue starts to stink.

Step one: Brush your tongue!

Now there are times when you have decent oral hygiene and you have been brushing your tongue, but there is still something going on.

Gum disease

The second biggest reason I have seen for bad breath is periodontal disease or gum disease. Gum disease is an infection in your gums that is caused by bad bacteria, build up and plaque that causes a response that destroys the bone around your teeth. Over time if left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss.  Trust me, you look so much better with your teeth.

Many times, especially in the moderate to severe stages of the disease, the odor can be pungent. Imagine, there is an infection in your gums and your mouth is a warm, wet environment that bacteria love. Things can get really smelly over time.

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Depending on the severity of the disease there are treatment options that arrest the disease process to prevent you from losing more bone and inactivate the infection. The main treatment is scaling and root planing or better know as a deep cleaning.

A deep cleaning does more than the regular cleaning that is covered by most insurances. With a deep cleaning your dentist or hygienist is cleaning above and below the gum surface and in the process smoothing rough areas on the root of the tooth surface (which makes it harder for the bacteria to stick around and cause havoc).

Now just because you got a deep cleaning, know that you still need to see your dentist and dental hygienist every 3-4 months for what we call a periodontal maintenance. This is basically a cleaning that is done to maintain the stability of your gums and prevents your gums from returning to the active state of gum disease that destroys your jaw bone.

Step two: Get a professional cleaning (possibly a deep cleaning) by your dentist or dental hygienist

There are other instances that may cause your breath to be on the stinky side.

Sometimes there are gastrointestinal issues that you are unaware of. For instance, acid reflux or chronic vomiting can cause bad breath over time.

There are also cases where tonsils harboring food over time and developing a strong, offensive smell.

Always be sure to mention your bad breath to your dentist so that you can rule out a dirty tongue or gum issues.

There are other causes of bad breath that I did not mention, but you may want to pay attention to.

  • Tabacoo products
  • Medications
  • Dry mouth
  • Dirty dentures
  • Respiratory infection (ie bronchitis)
  • Throat condition
  • Nose condition (ie chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip)
  • Diabetes

Having bad breath is not something you should have to live with. Try making sure to brush or clean your tongue daily. Then check with your dentist to see if you have or are developing gum disease. Follow your dentist prescription for a deep cleaning and 3-4 cleanings a year (versus 2) if you have gum disease. If you are clear of gum disease and your tongue is clean, talk with your primary care physician to get checked to make sure that your do not have any GI issues.

I want you to walk around confidently with fresh breath and get as close to someone as you feel without being embarrassed of your breath.

Are your ready to make that appointment with your dentist now?

With lots of love,
Dr Toni


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