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DAY 11 – Emergency Kit

You have someone in your life (or maybe it is you) that has been avoiding the dentist for a while.  You are out and having a good time.  Then it happens.  Their tooth breaks.

It is Saturday and your dentist won’t be back in the office until Monday.  No worries.  There is an emergency kit that can help until they are able to be seen by the dentist.

The first time I learned about these dental emergency kits from a patient of mine.  This can be an option as a temporary fix until you are able to be seen by your dentist.  Check out this video to see what is in these kits.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Always see your dentist as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency
  • What you can expect to find in a dental emergency kit
  • Where you can find a dental emergency kit

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