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My Favorite Dental Products

One of my most frequent questions at the dental office is what dental products do you use?  Because I know everyone has their preference, I usually refrain from giving specific product names.  I always tell my patients to look for the ADA seal of acceptance on dental products.

There are so many options with just toothpaste alone.  You can find gels, paste, mint flavor, bubble gum flavor … and the list goes on just for toothpaste.  There is a product to fit everyone’s preference and needs.

There are only a few products that I recommend to my patients by name.  These products you can find on my bathroom sink any day of the week.

Listerine Total Care

My favorite mouth rinse hands down. This mouth rinse is the total package. It helps prevent cavities, remineralize enamel and kill bad breath germs so that you can have fresh breath. I caution you to make sure that you follow the directions and not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing.

Side note … I made the mistake of eating right after using the product … you don’t want to make that mistake.  Trust me.

If this mouth rinse is too strong, there is a no alcohol version called Listerine Total Care Zero.  This version would be ideal for your older children or yourself.

I have a hard time swishing the recommended time with the alcohol formula, so this is may back up.   By the way, the directions call for 60 seconds of swishing.  60 seconds is a long time to swish, especially with Listerine.  Listerine Total Care Zero is great because it doesn’t have the alcohol which helps when you are trying to swish for 60 seconds

Crest Sensi Stop Strips

If you suffer from sensitivity due to recession, this product will allow you to enjoy those cold foods again.

I use this product myself on those occasions when my problem child tooth that likes to act up.

Apply the strip directly on the areas where you have sensitivity.  Follow the directions on the packaging and you can get relief for 30 days!

Mom, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you will not want to use this product.


Oral-B Glide

If you have teeth that are really close together making it hard to floss, this is the floss for you. This floss can get in between the tight contacts making your life easier.

I started using this floss when I met my husband.  He only wants me to clean his teeth when he comes to the clinic.  Flossing his teeth was no fun for both of us before using glide.  Because his teeth are so tight and close together, this is the only floss that he (and I) can use comfortably without hurting his gums.

If your teeth are very close together or you have been told you have tight contacts, try this floss.  You will be so happy that you did.

If flossing is just not your thing, check my post on other alternatives to flossing.


I only listed the products that I love and use regularly.  I would never post a product that I do not use or do not believe in.

Do me a favor.  Let me know what are some of your favorite dental products in the comments below.


With lots of love,

Dr Toni


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  2. Cheryl

    Yes, I need to give the Crest Sensi Stop Strips try too! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    1. No problem. I hope that it works for you like it did for me. Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ana

    I will have to give the Crest Sensi Soft Strips a try! I’ve never heard of them!

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