Dentistry has had many new advancements. Check out my predictions for 2018 and the advancements with gum disease.

3 Beaming Predictions for 2018

2017 has been an interesting year.  There have been several new advances in health care and in dentistry, in particular.  We still have a ways to go, but I am pretty hopeful about 2018.

I have a few predictions about 2018 and I am hoping that I am right. Stay with me to see why.

Dentistry has had many new advancements. Check out my predictions for 2018 and the advancements with gum disease.

Gum disease is such a major player because it is like cancer or diabetes.  It usually is slow to develop.  Most of the time you don’t notice any signs because nothing hurts.  Maybe you notice some bad breath or bleeding gums.  Then, one day you go to the doctor for a checkup after many years of putting it off.  You find out that you have been walking around with a disease for years.

Gum disease is a bad thing for me as a dentist not because my patients could potentially lose their, but it can put their lives in jeopardy.  Yes.  There have been links with gum disease and other systemic diseases like diabetes, respiratory disease, heart disease and not really a disease, but a very big problem for marriages … incompetence.

2018 I am predicting several advancements in the treatment of gum disease.

New toothpaste for gum disease treatment

I know that there are several kinds of toothpaste out there that target gum disease, in particular, Peridontax.  I am predicting that there will be a toothpaste that will slowly become the standard toothpaste among dentist to help treat gum disease.  I know that that is a very big statement, but I have high hopes for the advancement of technology.

There is no reason why 50% of Americans and three out of four Europeans should continue to battle this disease that can ultimately lead to dentures.  My hope for 2018 is a toothpaste that can help arrest the disease process.

Gum disease is prevalent the US and my hope is that in 2018 there will be major advancements in the treatment of gum disease.

Improved techniques for the treatment of gum disease.

I recently saw an article about a new procedure that takes 4 hours to treat periodontal pockets and pretty much shrink them.

So you may ask, what is the big deal with the pockets? The problem with these pockets is that it is very difficult for you to clean without the help of your hygienist.  If these pockets are left untreated, these pockets can perpetuate the inflammatory process of gum disease that causes the destruction of the jaw bone.  Or can lead to an infection or abscess in your gums.

I am predicting a more comfortable treatment of the pockets due to gum disease.  This new technique will not be cheap by the way, but with save your teeth and reverse the damage of gum disease.

Periodontal disease is prevalent in the US and my predication is that in 2018 there will be major advances in the treatment of this disease.

Improve testing for gum disease

Now that they’re more dentist and cardiologist are coming together because of the links between gum disease and heart disease, my prediction is there will be a standard test used to detect the bacteria in your mouth to accurately let patients know if they have gum disease and the best treatment options based on the bacteria load in your mouth.

Right now dentist and hygienist rely on a combination of x-rays and a periodontal evaluation (that includes measuring the pockets around each tooth) to determine if you will be diagnosed with gum disease or not.

My prediction similar to how you would get blood work done, instead it would be collecting a sample of your spit and swabbing your cheeks and gums. By adding an additional test, it would provide even more information on how to properly treat your gums and always provide for early detection.  I hope that dental insurances will help cover this expense, but that is another topic for another day.

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If I am right in my predictions for 2018, there will be a significant shift in how dentist across the US will treat gum disease. There will be a new toothpaste that will be the standard for treating gum disease, there will be improved and more comfortable treatment and improved testing for gum disease.  This will, in turn, decrease the damaging effects of gum disease and help save more lives.

I hope my predictions are right not just to say I told you so, but it will help many people get in control of gum disease and live a healthier life.

Happy New Year.

With lots of love,

Dr Toni

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