Story Time with Mrs Shauna. This book is about going ot the dentist for the first time.

Story Time with Mrs Shauna – “First Visit to the Dentist”

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Going to the dentist does have to be scary for your little one!  It actually can be lots of fun.

In this video, Mrs. Shauna and I read “First Visit to the Dentist” from the Raintree Sprout Series.

This book talks about a kid’s first visit to the dentist.


Mrs. Shauna and I talk about what to expect at the dentist and give some helpful tips for you and your little one.

This video is perfect to show your little one before going to the dentist.


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Story Time with Mrs Shauna - "First Visit to the Dentist" In this video we show you that going to the dentist is easy and fun!


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  2. Shauna

    Such a pleasure and so much fun working with you on such an important topic for families Mrs. Shauna ❤

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