One simple tooth whitening system for a brighter smile. This all natural ingredients product that whitens your teeth WITHOUT the sensitivity and helps with keeping your gums healthy. Check out what the product is and how to get your hands on it!

One Simple Tooth Whitening System for a Brighter Smile

I have tried many products for whitening my teeth. I have used whitening strips, custom trays, in-office whitening and whitening toothpaste. Pretty much … I have tried it all.  Part of my problem is the amount of coffee and (hot and iced) tea that I drink that is a major part of why I am unable to maintain a white smile for long.

Recently, I have tried a new, simple whitening system that has really been a game changer for me.

Spa Dent Naturals Advanced Light Activated System.

This home whitening kit is a gentle whitening system that I have recently used to get my pearly whites to sparkle when I smile.

SpaDent Naturals Whitening Kit for a whiter smile without the sensitivity

I love this product because it has natural ingredients and the best part … NO SENSITIVITY! Most whitening products I have used either get my teeth or gums pretty sensitive. But I did not have this problem using this product.

I love this product because it has natural ingredients and the best part …. NO SENSITIVITY!Click To Tweet

Let me share with you the process I took to get my smile whiter in a short amount of time.

My process for whitening with the Spa Dent Naturals Whitening System

I started by brushing twice a day with the Cleaning and Whitening Paste exclusively (morning and night) with my Oral B Genius 2 days prior to beginning the whitening with the LED light.  

Load the tray

The directions call for evening use, but the way my life is step up right now … mornings are the best time for me to get anything done.  After eating breakfast, I brush and floss. 

I found it easier to load up the tray by placing 3 dots of the gel. 2 near the back teeth and 1 in the font at the center. Then take a damp q-tip and spread the gel across.  This helped me make sure that I am not wasting a lot of product.

Whitening tray for SpaDent Naturals Professional Whitening and Aftercare kit. This product with whiten your teeth without the sensitivity.

Insert the tray and turn on the light

I insert the tray and push the tray against my teeth to make sure that the gel is actually on my teeth. Then, I clip in the light and press the blue button to start the first round of 10 minutes.

I like the way the light stays in place and you don’t have to hold it. Once the light is clipped into place, I will do my morning routine  with includes tidying up upstairs, the kid’s room and my bedroom.  I may even start a load of laundry and then the light goes off. 

Once the light goes off, I start the light again for another 10 minutes session and finish up whatever I am doing. The light stays in place very well so you can just set t and forget it.

After loading the tray with the whitening tray, insert the tray. SpaDent Naturals Professional Whitening and Aftercare Kit.
LED ligth from SpaDent Naturals is a red and blu led light that will help activate the whitening and make your gums healthy.

Remove tray and rinse

Once the last session is over I take the tray out and rinse with water only. I didn’t eat or drink for at least an hour.

For three days in a row, I did this and saw an immediate improvement. I took a few days off and then did two more sessions two days in a row. I took another week off. Then did two more sessions and got the results that I personally wanted.

What helped keep my smile bright

The one thing that I believe helped the most was using the Whitening and Aftercare Gel morning and night. I decided to use the product exclusively and put away my Crest toothpaste and Listerine Total Care (that I love very much).

I really love the way my mouth and gums feel after using Listerine Total Care.  As a result, I was a little hesitant about not using my Listerine while I was whitening because I had a slight case of gingivitis on the top right side of my mouth.

GASP. The dentist has gingivitis!! Yes, it’s true.

The Listerine Total Care helps kill the germs that cause gingivitis and keep my gums feeling great. Surprisingly, my gums felt great after using this whitening system.  And the gingivitis is no longer a problem.

What makes this LED different

Part of why my gums did well has to do with the ingredients in the whitening gel and the light. The light is a Red and Blue LED light.

SpaDent Naturals Red Blue LED light

The blue light activates the peroxide and accelerates the whitening. Then red light stimulates cell growth and heals oral tissue.

Pretty cool, right?

The light is not UV and there is no heat, plus its rechargeable. Click To Tweet

The light is not UV and there is no heat. The other thing that I love about this light is that it is rechargeable. I put it right next to my Oral B Genius so that it is ready for me to touch up with whitening again when I’m ready.

SpaDent Natural Professional Whitening and Aftercare kit to get your teeth whiter without the sensitivity.

Don’t do this when you are using the kit …

The tray fits pretty well and again I love how the light stays in place. One thing that I notice that I was doing was biting into the tray instead of just letting my teeth rest on the tray.

As a result of me biting into the tray, the tray put pressure on the roof of my mouth and made the roof of my mouth uncomfortable for a few minutes. But it was no biggie.  It was only uncomfortable for a short time.

Wondering if you should use a customing fitting tray?

I know that the instructions say that a custom tray is not required, but you can definitely give it a try if you have one. I did use it for one session. It helped me to only use just enough of the gel and not waste any product.

The only problem is there is not the convenience of clipping the light into place and cleaning up around the house while you wait. You will have to sit and hold the light in place for 20 minutes.

20 minutes is a long time when you are waiting.Click To Tweet

The verdict is …

One simple tooth whitening system for a brighter smile. This product contains all-natural ingredients that whiten your teeth WITHOUT the sensitivity and helps with keeping your gums healthy. Check out what the product is and how to get your hands on it!
Before whitening I was an A1 on the Portrait IPN Shade Guide or 1.5 M2 on the Self Assessment Shade Guide.
After whitening with SpaDent Naturals Home Whitening Kit.
After whitening, I was a B1 on the Portrait IPN Shade Guide or 1 M1 on the Self Assessment Shade Guide

I went up almost 4 shades on the Self Assessment Guide and I only whitened with the light 7 times!  And I didn’t use it for 7 consecutive days.  That is huge.

Overall, I will give this product 2 thumbs up and continue using it as I have a wedding that I am in this year that I want to make sure my smile is sparkling.

I know that this is a product that many people will enjoy and really love the results.  If you are wanting to get your hands on this product to get your teeth whiter, click the button below.

Make sure to use the code DR. TONI to get 20% off!

Yes, I am an affiliate only because I know that this product works and love it.  I do receive a commission at no cost to you if you decided to make a purchase.  

Please share your results with me on social media using the hashtag #WhitenWithSpaDentNaturals.

With lots of love,

Dr Toni

One simple tooth whitening system for a brighter smile. This product contains all-natural ingredients that whiten your teeth WITHOUT the sensitivity and helps with keeping your gums healthy. Check out what the product is and how to get your hands on it!


  1. Jennifer

    Looks very cool! I like that the ingredients are natural. I also drink way too much tea and my teeth are showing it.

    1. Thanks! It is pretty nice. Definitely, this will help if you are a big tea drinker. You can also try a whitening toothpaste that will help life the surface staining from the tea as well.

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  3. Heather Gilbert

    My teeth need this! I drink way to much coffee to not be doing some type of teeth whitening.

    1. This product is nice and gentle. Even if you don’t use the complete kit, the aftercare gel is nice for preventing and removing staining. If you decide not to try this product there are several other whitening toothpastes out there that will help with the coffee staining. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Katie

    Wow that sounds amazing. I have actually never had my teeth professionally whitened so I was a little bit worried. but this post made want to try this product so loved reading! Thank you!!! xx

  5. I can definitely see results!! And having a seal of approval from a dentist is a huge plus! I am always scared about using certain teeth products, but with a recommendation from an actual dentist that makes things way better!

    1. Thanks! I have tried MANY whitening products and this is one that I truly was happy with the results and the process. There are still some really great products out there. However, I found that this particular kit was easy and appeals to a many people because it is effective and there are natural ingredients.

  6. Kelly

    That’s really cool! I’ve never seen anything like this before. Glad you got such awesome results!

  7. WOW! Those results! I totally agree with going for custom trays if you can. I’ve never used a whitening system that required a tray but I know a lot of people who get spotty coverage if they use a generic fit with gel systems.

    I also love that this system uses natural ingredients. That’s so rare in whitening systems.

    Safaniya Stevenson
    Burly + Puff

    1. Thanks! I was skeptical at first but the results turned out better than I expected. You brought up another good reason why to use custom trays. The custom trays really make sure that the gel is getting on the entire part of the visible surfaces of the teeth. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Kim

    Thanks for sharing, Dr. Toni! I have never been happy with the color of my teeth, so I’m always looking for something new. It’s good to get a recommendation from an actual dentist.

    1. Hey Kim! Thanks for stopping by. I know that if you whiten your teeth with this product you will like what you see. Plus, you will start to get compliments and your confidence will start going up. 🙂 There are so many different whitening options out there. Whatever option you decide, I hope you see your smile get brighter.

  9. Lizzie

    I’ve never really looked at whitening before as my teeth are in such bad shape but will certainly look into this now, especially if it has such a dramatic change

    1. I found that this system gave my smile a nice boost. If you ever think of doing some cosmetic work in the future, then I highly recommend whitening before. Even if you decide to try something different, I think you will like the results. Thanks for stopping by!

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